1926-1927 1927-1928 1928-1929 1929-1930 1930-1931 1931-1932 1932-1933 1933-1934 1934-1935 1935-1936 1936-1937 1937-1938 1938-1939
1 Special (Carter De Haven Character Study, 1rl) 2 Specials (Washington, The Man and the Capitol, 2rl; The Season's Greetings, 1rl) 1 Special (Krakatoa, 3rl) 1 Special (Aniakchak, 2rl) 3 Specials (La Cucaracha, 2rl; A Day with the Dionne Quintuplets, 1rl; A Trip through Fijiland, 2rl) 1 Special (Wings Over Mt. Everest, 2rl) 1 Special (Servant of the People, reels unspecified) 1 Special (A Day with the Dionne Quintuplets, 2rl) 1 Speciality (Sheila Barrett, 1rl)
2 Specials (Jungle Land, 2rl; A Short Tail, 2rl) 1 Special (Roosevelt - The Man of the Hour, 2rl) 1 Special (World's Greatest Thrills, 2rl) 2 Specials (Audioscopiks, 1rl; Chic Sale, 2rl) 4 Specials (3x1rl; 1x3rl) 3 Specials (Bombing of the Panay, 3rl; Breathless Moments, 2rl; Hollywood Screen Test, 2rl)
3 Specials (Twenty Four Dollar Island, 1rl; Winging West, 2rl; Young Hollywood, 1rl) 2 Specials (Voice of the Vatican, 1rl; Your Technocracy and Mine, 1rl) 2 Specials (Grand National Irish Sweepstakes, reels unknown; So This Is Harris, 3rl) 2 Specials (King Edward VIII, 1rl; You Can't Get Away with It, 3rl) 2 Specials (Jimmy Fidler's Personality Parade, 2rl; The New Audioscopiks, 2rl)


A “special” usually meant a general-interest subject not counted as part of a regular series (e.g., MGM’s Roosevelt, the Man of the Hour in 1933, RKO’s A Day with the Dionne Quintuplets from 1935, etc.). The term “special” was also occasionally used to refer to bumper-length releases of existing series properties, although for purposes of this filmography I have chosen not to include these here. (So, for instance, Paramount’s two- or three-reel Popeye Christmas releases are not counted as “Specials” on this page but as entries in the Popeye animated series.)