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No short releases 10 All Star-Roach Comedies (2rl) 10 All Star-Roach Comedies (2rl) 8 Chase-Roach Comedies (2rl) 8 Boy Friends-Roach Comedies (6x2rl, 2x3rl) 8 Boy Friends-Roach Comedies (2rl) 8 Chase-Roach Comedies (2rl) 8 All Star-Roach Comedies (2rl) 10 Chase-Roach Comedies (2rl) 8 Chase-Roach Comedies (2rl) 4 Crime Does Not Pay (2rl) 7 Captain and the Kids (1rl) 6 Crime Does Not Pay (2rl)
10 Chase-Roach Comedies (2rl) 10 Chase-Roach Comedies (2rl) 12 Colortone Revues (2rl) 12 Burton Holmes Travelogues (1rl) 8 Chase-Roach Comedies (2rl) 12 FitzPatrick Traveltalks (1rl) 8 Chase-Roach Comedies (2rl) 1 Crime Does Not Pay (2rl) 6 Crime Does Not Pay (2rl) 12 FitzPatrick Traveltalks (1rl) 6 Crime Does Not Pay (2rl) 12 FitzPatrick Traveltalks (1rl)
10 Davidson-Roach Comedies (2rl) 6 Great Events (2rl) 52 Hearst Metrotone News (1rl) 8 Chase-Roach Comedies (4x2rl, 4x3rl) 3 Dogville Comedies (2rl) 11 Flip the Frog Cartoons (1rl) 12 FitzPatrick Traveltalks (1rl) 8 FitzPatrick Traveltalks (1rl) 10 FitzPatrick Traveltalks (1rl) 9 Harman-Ising Happy Harmonies (1rl) 12 FitzPatrick Traveltalks (1rl) 2 Historical Mysteries (1rl)
6 Great Events (2rl) 10 Laurel & Hardy-Roach Comedies (2rl) 8 Langdon-Roach Comedies (2rl) 8 Colortone Revues (2rl) 6 Fisherman's Paradise (1rl) 104 Hearst Metrotone News (1rl) 1 Flip the Frog Cartoon (1rl) 4 Goofy Movies (1rl) 104 Hearst Metrotone News (1rl) 104 Hearst Metrotone News (1rl) 4 Harman-Ising Happy Harmonies (1rl) 15 MGM Cartoons (1rl)
104 MGM News (1rl) 104 MGM News (1rl) 10 Laurel & Hardy-Roach Comedies (2rl) 6 Dogville Comedies (2rl) 11 FitzPatrick Traveltalks (1rl) 6 Laurel & Hardy-Roach Comedies (2rl) 6 Goofy Movies (1rl) 104 Hearst Metrotone News (1rl) 3 Laurel & Hardy-Roach Comedies (2rl) 8 MGM Miniatures (1rl) 8 Historical Mysteries (1rl) 9 MGM Miniatures (1rl)
26 MGM Oddities (1rl) 26 MGM Oddities (1rl) 26 Metro Movietone Acts (25x1rl, 1x2rl) 12 Flip the Frog Cartoons (1rl) 12 Flip the Frog Cartoons (1rl) 6 MGM Musical Revue (2rl) 104 Hearst Metrotone News (1rl) 3 Irvin S. Cobb-Roach Comedies (2rl) 11 MGM Cartoons (1rl) 5 MGM Musical Comedies (2rl) 4 Laurel and Hardy-Roach Reissues (2x2rl, 1x3rl, 1x4rl) 5 MGM Musicals (2rl)
10 Our Gang-Roach Comedies (2rl) 10 Our Gang-Roach Comedies (2rl) 104 MGM News (1rl) 104 Hearst Metrotone News (1rl) 4 Harry Lauder Shorts (1rl) 7 MGM Oddities (1rl) 5 Laurel & Hardy-Roach Comedies (2rl) 4 Laurel & Hardy-Roach Comedies (2rl) 4 MGM Musical Revues (3x1rl, 1x2rl) 2 MGM Musical Revues (1rl) 13 MGM Miniatures (1rl) 104 MGM News of the Day (1rl)
10 Our Gang-Roach Comedies (2rl) 6 Laurel & Hardy-Roach Comedies (2x2rl, 4x3rl) 104 Hearst Metrotone News (1rl) 8 Our Gang-Roach Comedies (2rl) 6 MGM Musical Revues (2rl) 13 MGM Musical Cartoons (1rl) 9 Our Gang-Roach Comedies (2rl) 11 Our Gang Comedies (1rl) 7 MGM Musicals (2rl) 12 Our Gang Comedies (1rl)
4 Novelties (2rl) 8 Laurel & Hardy-Roach Comedies (5x2rl, 3x3rl) 7 Pitts & Todd-Roach Comedies (2rl) 12 MGM Oddities (1rl) 6 MGM Musical Revues (2rl) 12 Pete Smith Miniatures (2rl) 14 Pete Smith Specialties (1rl) 104 MGM News of the Day (1rl) 10 Passing Parades (1rl)
8 Our Gang-Roach Comedies (2rl) 3 Novelties (1rl) 9 Taxi Boys-Roach Comedies (2rl) 6 Musical Comedies-Roach Comedies (2rl) 1 MGM Sports Parade (1rl) 1 Pete Smith Specialty (1rl) 8 Tabloid Musicals (1rl) 12 Our Gang Comedies (1rl) 13 Pete Smith Specialties (1rl)
8 Our Gang-Roach Comedies (2rl) 11 Sport Champions (1rl) 7 Our Gang-Roach Comedies (2rl) 13 Pete Smith Oddities (1rl) 11 Pete Smith's Sports Parade (1rl) 1 Special (Servant of the People, reels unspecified) 16 Pete Smith Specialties (1rl) 8 Robert Benchley Shorts (1rl)
8 Pitts & Todd-Roach Comedies (2rl) 1 Special (Roosevelt - The Man of the Hour, 2rl) 8 Todd & Kelly-Roach Comedies (2rl) 7 Our Gang-Roach Comedies (2rl) 8 Todd & Kelly-Roach Comedies (2rl) 8 Robert Benchley Shorts (1rl)
12 Sport Champions (1rl) 11 Willie Whopper Cartoons (1rl) 8 Todd & Kelly-Roach Comedies (2rl) 2 Specials (Audioscopiks, 1rl; Chic Sale, 2rl) 2 Specials (Jimmy Fidler's Personality Parade, 2rl; The New Audioscopiks, 2rl)
2 Willie Whopper Cartoons (1rl)


Few short-subject divisions experienced as profound a change as did Loew’s-MGM’s in the decade following sound. The studio had entered the sound era with among the strongest short comedy line-ups in the industry, courtesy of the studio’s distribution deal with Hal Roach (commencing in 1927). By the mid-1930s, however, Roach was looking to leave the shorts market to enter into features, and the studio took the opportunity of his impending departure to radically rebrand its shorts output. Under Jack Chertok, head of the shorts division since 1935, MGM began to introduce a growing number of what it described as “informative” product lines, perhaps most famously the long-running Crime Does Not Pay reenactments of true crimes (1935-1947). Even comic shorts were conscripted to this instructional rhetoric, albeit in motley, in the form of the popular Pete Smith Specialties (1936-1955), in which Smith lent wry commentary to documentary topics of wide-ranging general interest, and the Robert Benchley “How to” series (1935-1940, 1943-1944) on the frustrations of daily life. Slapstick, meanwhile, was reduced to a single product line, the Our Gang series, now one-reelers, which MGM took over from Roach upon the latter’s departure.